You can drink our water everywhere

Sabine2In Iceland, there is no shortage of water is no risk of contamination of drinking water. In the Icelandic West Fjords it is right fresh from the ever-flowing streams, whose origins are often sources in the slopes of the mountains.
Our water may be referred to as a living \ vital water, because it comes directly from the depths of the earth. Only the short distance up to our homes the water is in pipes. Therefore, we need to take any special measures for pollution control. My customers learn on my tours about the wonderful way that they can drink the water safe here. To be able to drink water directly from the mountain stream is a wonderful experience and I use it often as a surprise.
Moreover, I explain why this is so. Rainfall collected in the volcanic rock, which is crossed by columns. The water thus enters deeper regions. In this way it is mineral rich. If it encounters areas with geothermal energy, it heats up and comes later as a hot spring resurfaces. All the water is often several months to years in the mountain before it automatically rises back up to (often on the slopes) to be a source back to the surface. Water, which is revealed by itself, is called vital water. It only comes to the surface when it is ripe for it.
Once the water to the surface occurs trickles and drops it, and down mostly at high speed, to the sea. There has therefore been no time to collect germs and it is still iced.