Useful information about kayaking

..About the weather
“If you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes.” This quote gets to the heart of the Icelandic weather with all its unpredictability and rapid changes. Most parts of the Westfjords are highly exposed to weather fluctuations and so are the areas where we are paddling. Safety is paramount on a Kayak Center adventure, and so we check the weather religiously before taking our customers out on a sea kayak tour. Because of this dependency on our environment there is always the possibility of short-term changes in our planning. However, together with our customers we will always try to find the best alternatives to provide a unique paddling experience.

The Kayak Center takes pride in the equipment we use on our tours. We use only high quality fiberglass kayaks from manufactures such as Qajaq, Tahe Marine, Valley, Kirton and Zegul. The high variety makes it possible to equip our customers with kayaks that best suit their individual wants and needs. In addition to the boats, we provide everything you need to have a great kayaking adventure, including paddling equipment, wetsuit, spray jacket, neoprene boots and gloves and, of course, a PFD.

What to bring:
• water bottle
• long-sleeved top (to wear underneath the spray jacket)
• cap
• sun protection
• towel (in case you want to shower after kayaking)
• enough food for the longer tours!