Our Intentions

We stands for sustainability, environmental protection and professionality.

On the slopes above ÍsafjördurI create my walks, trips and workshops with you in mind. My aim is to give you as a tourist visiting the Westfjords, the opportunity  to experience something special. Due to my great interest in history and how people lived their daily life in the Westfjords in the past, I will be able to give you an inside into how people lived then and how life in the Westfjords is today. I also love the Sagas and know many myths, legends and stories of the places we visit, which I will tell you to make the trip a fun and magical experience.

Environment and sustainability

Me personally and my guides and employees are committed to sustainability, ensuring that nature can be enjoyed by people with respect, so that many more generations can enjoy this beautiful nature. Therefore, I planned my services in a way that nature is as little affected as possible. Herbs that we collect are definitely not on the list of endangered plants.